Fashionable Glasses for Less with Case

Are you looking for a pair of glasses that doesn't cost too much, but at the same time doesn't look too shabby nor of less quality? Well, for just $8.00, you can have all that. Check out this one pair of prescription glasses. To check out a larger view, click on the picture.

The frame is available in several different colors such as Black outside, Blue inside; Black outside, Red inside; Black on top, Clear purple at bottom; Clear pink; Black on top, Clear blue at bottom; Clear blue; Scarlet outside, Clear inside.

So where can you find a fashionable pair of eyeglasses such as this one? All you have to do is check out Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. They also give you the option of choosing whether or not you want your pair of glasses to have AR Anti-Reflection Coating or if you want your lens tinted. Just because you find something online that doesn't cost a fortune doesn't mean that it is ineffective or it's bogus. A lot of them actually are made out of pretty good quality that needs to be tried out before you can say anything bad about it.

The best thing found: Zenni Optical for your less costly fashionable glasses. It's like having a great discovery with Zenni Optical, and you don't have to worry about shipping costs too. Shipping cost is at a flat rate of $4.95 no matter how many glasses you order. So however you look at it, you as the consumer is at an advantage.

Out of the country? Don't worry, Zenni Optical ships internationally for your convenience.