Paypal Fees

When you do sign up for a paypal account, you have to check on how much Paypal would be collecting from you for every payment to you. But first we have to identify what the different Paypal accounts are.

I have a Business account, so when I got paid about $100, Paypal took a chunk out of it, like $4.20 chunk. Talk about getting ripped off. But then again, I still need Paypal for now, because most online businesses use Paypal now.

Cleanup Time!

5238dd240x180publicGoodness me. I just took a look around my room and well it's a big mess! I normally clean up but having two little siblings who aren't too little anymore with you just puts you out of your momentum of having a clean space. And since I can't really ask the sibs to clean up, I have to do it on my own or pay somebody to do it.

Paying somebody to clean up after our mess? Nope, can't be an option. I can't afford to do that. Bribe my brother and sister? Hmmm, could work. Could definitely work. Let's see, I got about a couple hundred pesos in my wallet.

I'm gonna start crying now. Looks like I still won't be able to get this dump cleaned up. Oh well, I guess it's about time I started saving up for one of those contraptions that suck up dirt called vacuums. One thing though, vacuums are not so famous here in the Philippines, we're used to using brooms. That's the best way to save up energy and work out at the same time. But if I get lazy and I spill some of my milk on the floor, the dog just comes in on cue and laps it all up.

Poor doggie got so used to it, it's almost routine.

There's an efficient way to clean up a mess without straining your electricity bill though. While browsing the net, I got to check out pretty vacuums and they were cordless too. They were actually from Dirt Devil. I read up on the cleaning machines and found out that they're cheaper than common vacuums with cords that everyone trips over, they're also lighter, they would be able to save me time since cleaning up with a broom is time-consuming, and if I got one, I'd be lessening energy consumption too. The products even have the Energy Star logo, which means they really do save on energy.

These products look like they will be worth it when I get myself one.

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge