I need a life

So here I am again--- writing.. Like anybody sane enough is gonna come by here and read this. Haha! After about two months of not doing anything productive, it seems as if my life has finally come to an end. Try watching American Idol the whole time, and watching the reruns for the entire week! Yes, doing that can get you real chunky. I gained a few pounds, but I'm ok with it. I'm gonna end up losing the extra weight in the next couple of months anyway. I don't wanna shed the extra pounds right away. For the ladies out there who wanna do so, it's ok, just as long as you do it with caution and the right attitude. Okay, back to AI... I live away from my parents for college, been dong so for five years now, I have my little brother and my sister with me, leaving our parents home alone together. That actually makes me sad, because they're both middle-aged and they don't have company at home anymore. So we make an effort to call them everyday just to ease the loneliness. About two months ago, well, almost, the three prodigal children come home. My brother stayed for about just a week, because he had summer school to attend. So what do you do at home when you don't have a job, because you're in school full-time and your parents don't want you to work at all even on summers? This is pretty much what I did the whole summer. I wake up at 8:30 in the morning, go to the kitchen to get some breakfast (bread and tea), bring the breakfast to the TV room and watch Mirmo, then at 9, I watch Gakuen Alice, then at 9:30, I watch Jackie Chan Adventures, at 10:30, I watch Detective Conan. After all the Anime' watching, the TV's finally turned off and the radio's turned on. Then all I do is sing along to whatever's on. Yeah, I know, it's the saddest thing I've ever read too. Just imagine living it. T-T

It was my first time to watch AI-- ever.. Err, maybe not the first time, but it was the first time I watched the show in full. In case you're wondering why, it was because somebody on the show had almost the same aura as someone that I know. Who? Chris Richardson. Shared the same aura as someone special to me---very special. I know, you might be saying that I could be just another one of his fans or whatever. Sure, I think he can sing pretty good, he looks good too. But I'm not really one of those people who would actually swoon in front of him. I watched the show because I was missing somebody dear to me very badly and he made me miss that person less. I even asked my mom if he reminded her of that person too. And sure enough, my mom said yes, she said, "He's like a younger Robert.". I jokingly replied, "He is younger mom, by 3 years.". So like every Chris Rich fan out there, I got on Wikipedia and read a little on him--okay, I read everything on that site on him. He was born on the same day my brother was born, only he's three years older than my brother. So I watched the show until he got eliminated. I didn't feel like watching the show after anymore. I didn't even watch the reruns anymore. I was just bored, but the show was coming to an end, so I still watched until the finale. I was kinda disappointed though, I wanted to see what the contestants were made of, not the guest stars. For crying out loud, it was their chance to shine, their moment, but I guess that's what the tour's for. But since I'm not in the US, I won't get to see their shows, unless somebody's actually willing to record their shows and put it up on a video streaming site like youtube. *Sigh* Yes, I need a life.. Somebody give me one.

I'm a dork

Yes, I am. I'm a dork who likes to write, a dork who likes to sing whenever she feels like it, even if I might not sound too good. And I'm a dork who badly needs something to do other than sulk and feel like wasting myself away.