Full-time Blogging

That is something that I can't do, since I have a full-time job and I don't have Internet at home anymore. Traffic has been sucky for this blog since I stopped updating in May.

Now I wonder, how do the full time bloggers get by everyday? What kind of investments do they have to make just to keep their traffic up? What is their ISP? Haha, still on the ISP issue.

In blogging, how many times a week do you have to update a blog, or is it even necessary to keep the blog updated every week? What is the purpose of blogging? Is it for monetary purposes, or just to vent out on cyberspace?

Is it for attention? What? I'm not totally sure, but I think I had answers to these questions roughly around a year ago. Now I'm just stumped. It would just seem like such a waste if I quit blogging now that I've been doing it for a year now.

So do you have answers for me?