Get Paid to Blog

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Getting Cash in Advance

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you need emergency funds? Well, I was needing some actually, so I went on the prowl to look for something that could help. But like I'm actually going to apply for anything online. First of all, I just finished school, never worked in a legitimate company and I do not have any savings at all. In short, I am a super bum.

Well, I found this one site on cash loans, where all you have to do is fill out a form on line and then they match you with a payday lender online right away. And since it is an online process, those lenders should get back to you right away and if you are lucky enough to get approved, all you have to do is wait and then the lender will make the money that you need available to spend on the next business day, but this is for most lenders.

The lenders on the cash loans site can also get you qualified for a payday loan of up to $1500, which is very much useful especially in times like these. Online forms are supposedly the easiest way to apply for loans now, so a lot of people are getting on the Internet looking for these sites because of various emergencies in their lives.

So how do you qualify for cash advance on the Perfect Cash Advance site? You just need to earn at least $1,000 per month and that your bank account is direct deposited enabled. Just for that, most of the online lenders can offer you payday loans. I would be so happy if somebody directly deposited something in my bank account. But then, who wouldn't be?

Oh well, so if you are in dire need of cash loans, you might want to check out Perfect Cash Advance.

Top 15 Overexposed Celebrities

When you are just starting out in your career in the Entertainment scene, you need as much buzz as you can get, right? But what if you get a little bit too much press exposure? Would you want it? Sad to say, those who get the most exposure in this business are the ones who are more known because of how they act and not because of their talents in entertaining. Here are the top 15 overexposed celebrities of 2007 according to Forbes. Average celebrities only get 2% or 3% overexposure ratings*. These celebs are way over that.

1. Britney Spears
Overexposure rating: 72%

No surprise there. She was once the most sought-after young artist, and her musical talent was once praised by the whole world. She was all over the press for being such a good role model, but that was ten years ago. Now her every move and strange behavior is what keeps the paps moving after her and these are the only things getting her exposure now.

2. Paris Hilton
Overexposure rating: 68%

The Heiress, A Simple Life, Sex Scandal, DUI, need I really say more?

3. Kevin Federline
Overexposure rating: 54%

Very well-known through his marriage and divorce with number one, Britney Spears, which only hurt his "budding" career, as his debut album only got very harsh criticizing and umm, embarrassing sales.

4. Tom Cruise
Overexposure rating: 53%

Whatever happened to Tom? How come his name is still making the headlines even when he doesn't have any movies out currently? This is all due to being married to Katie Holmes, his religion, and of course, the never-ending popularity of his couch jump on the Oprah Winfrey show. But fans can keep on the lookout for him, he's supposed to be doing a movie soon enough.

5. Nicole Richie
Overexposure rating: 52%

Another girl gone wild. Various relationships, getting uber skinny, etc, etc, etc. And fans of A Simple Life should watch out for the fifth season.

6. Lindsay Lohan
Overexposure rating: 48%

Not sure I need to elaborate. Well, if it's true that she's changing for the better, I guess all I can say is good luck.

7. Michael Jackson
Overexposure rating: 47%

There is too much going on in this man's life. And now he wants a 50-foot robotic replica of himself in Las Vegas.

8. Donald Trump

Overexposure rating: 47%

I don't know much about this guy, except that he's filthy rich, berates Rosie O'Donnell for everything and that I wish he'd change his hair-do.

9. Terrell "T.O." Owens
Overexposure rating: 45%

Always has a controversy every season. That's probably his motto. Overdosing on pain pills and spitting in someone's face. Well, that's sure to get you some attention.

10. Howard K. Stern
Overexposure rating: 45%

He's best known as the late Anna Nicole Smith's attorney-turned-lover, and also her baby daddy.

11. Sanjaya Malakar
Overexposed rating: 44%

More exposed than the American Idol herself, Jordin Sparks? And to think he was 7th. Looks like there are a lot of Fanjayas in the press too. He's getting so popular that he's in magazines, on talk shows and even getting an invite to the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

12. Jessica Simpson

Overexposed rating: 42%

Everything about her is public, she hasn't done anything big enough to make news or anything, but she continues to be in the tabloids because of her relationships and "being a dumb blonde".

13. Howard Stern
Overexposed rating: 41%

I have no clue who this guy is at all. A little reading up on him just gave me this info: he made $500 Million in five years when he made the move to Sirius Satellite Radio. I don't wanna Google that, this post is long enough as it is.

14. Rosie O'Donnell
Overexposed rating: 38%

Way too many controversies, and the thing with Donald Trump's helping too.

15. Sean "Diddy" Combs
Overexposed rating: 38%

Being in the music industry, changing names, relationships, parties and his very public life all makes this possible. They say that nobody can host a party better than this man.


*These ratings are provided by the E-Poll Market Research, which provides over 45 appeal rankings for more than 3,000 celebrities.

Chris Richardson's All Alone Available on iTunes!

Chris Richardson's All Alone Available on iTunes! Yes, it has finally hit iTunes, and since a lot of people download their mp3s from the iTunes store, and his fans have all been wanting to hear something from him for quite sometime now, I'm pretty sure people are going to be downloading it again and again for themselves or as gifts for their friends. Go check it out on iTunes now! It's only $0.99 people! Oh , and check out Chris Richardson's MySpace Page too. And if you don't have an iTunes account or would rather get it from somewhere else, you can buy it off Amazon as well. The picture on the right is on Amazon as well.

Go Chris Rich! Go The Richness!