Chillin' and Puffin'

Well, I don't really puff, but I do like chilling out a lot. Maybe a little too much. At my workplace though, everybody seems to like puffing. I've met some people at work who said that they never puffed or smoked before they started working, but apparently, they can't help smoking anymore.

Oh well...

I just hope I don't get sucked into the black hole. Anyway, I got someone from work who got me into letting her borrow some cash since her baby caught pneumonia and was in the hospital, so out of a good heart, I let her borrow some cash, and what irked me was that, she's working and she's supposed to be sending some cash home to her mom and kid and then comes pay day, and she texted me telling me that she's looking for me so she can pay me. It was my rest day so I won't be going to work. The day I came to work, she couldn't pay me anymore because she says she lost her money. Guess what, she promises to pay back the following week because her mom's sending her cash.

What? I thought she was the one sending the cash...

Well, I started observing her from afar and I noticed that basically almost every week, she has a new shirt or a new pair of shoes, or she talks about eating out.

It's almost pay day again, and I am just waiting until she finally decides whether or not she tells me that she can't pay me back, or I may have to pull something to get her to pay me back.

Hmmm, maybe I should take her ATM and the pin number and just give it back to her after I take what she owes me.