Hollywood Flirt Lines

Ever tried flirting with someone using lines from movies?

"You complete me."

Do you really think those kind of lines actually work? I haven't actually tried those, but I think most of the time guys are the ones who usually come up with these lines. Now can you come up with a memorable line that you said to someone and it actually worked?

People love melodramatic lines. Well, not everybody is cheesy like that, but if you deliver it at the right moment, it might actually work. Some might even start laughing hilariously at you for saying such cheesy lines, but if you look serious enough and if that someone that you are trying to flirt with is somewhat familiar with the line and finds your delivery quite attractive, well, looks like we have a winner then!

Now, if you had Extreme Style by VO5, the lines might still be cheesy and the person that you're trying to flirt with might think of you as a dork, but he/she might also reconsider since you're looking all fine with that great looking hair.

I tried playing the game again and used some of the Hollywood lines, of course, the person I played with thought it was hilarious that I used such lines, but the plus was that he liked me because I'm humorous. So try playing the game as well. Here it is for your convenience. It's the Ultimate Flirting Championship game again. It's a fun and quick game, so try it.

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Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

Off to the LAN Party

The aim is to get 500 computers under one roof! The event has already started and I am super late! It started long ago at 8AM and will end tomorrow at 8AM as well, so this is a 24 hour event, but unfortunately for the event organizers, it has been ongoing for more than 48 hours already.

I just hope it's a successful one and I will update as soon as I can! But right now, gotta get my butt to the doc's for my appointment. Gotta stay healthy for the job, right? :D

Michael Phelps and Kellogg

Word has it that Michael Phelps signed a deal with Kellogg and that his image will be put on Kellogg's Frosted Flakes boxes and will be sold all across America. Now people are asking if this is going to help his athletic career or not.

I don't really care if it helps his career or not. Actually, what I'm thinking is that this endorsement will help Kellogg sell more of their products since they have the Olympian as their endorser.

Of course, kids all over the country will want to achieve what Phelps has and would be motivated to be the best that they can. I just hope that Kellogg's game plan works. This deal should work for everybody. Everybody meaning Kellogg, Michael Phelps and the consumers of Kellogg's products.

So what do you think of this latest endorsement?

Better than Smartbro?

Okay, so I have had just about enough of my internet service provider, Smartbro. I mean, up until June, it has been a pretty good ISP. I never had any problems connecting to the Internet, I couldn't even consider it as being slow. I was under the two-year lock-in period. But as soon as I got out of it, the Internet just suddenly started acting up and well, I was struck with intermittent connectivity. I don't think that just because I got out of the lock-in period, the service would start being sucky.

My internet would just come in and out. I was actually planning on upgrading my speed, but unfortunately, that would mean me leaving Smartbro and I would have to go with PLDT, Globe or Bayantel. Bayantel for me is still super expensive. And well, the raving complaints about PLDT and Globe's service is really disheartening.

Now, would I still wanna change from Smartbro to PLDT or Globe? If you are in the Labangon area, could you tell me how your Internet is doing?