Be Cisco Certified!

When I first heard of Cisco certification, I absolutely had no idea about it. I heard about it from my Networking professor back in college and heard about how hard she worked her butt off just to be certified. As a kid who couldn't care less about anything else at the time, I really didn't care. But then, I got exposed to the wonderful world of being certified for things that you know about. Well, not only will it work to your advantage, everyone seems to have a better life if they are certified from what I've noticed.

Since I have a degree in Computer Engineering, I'm qualified to be Cisco certified if I choose to be. If I choose to be certified, I would probably be working in a very prestigious company and be paid with a salary beyond my imagination. Hey, it's free to dream, so you don't have a say in this. Anyway, it is true though. In our world nowadays, the more certified you are, the more your monetary value increases. When you go out to apply for jobs, the higher will the company pay you just to have you working for them. The certification will serve as an indication that you are worth having in your workplace.

When I checked out the Cisco website about their trainings, I was really really tempted to go for the CCENT Certification. I might really go for it, actually. It's the entry-level certification and being certified for Networking can earn you the big bucks. I'm not just pining for the money, it's also because I enjoy being a geek.

So maybe in a couple of years from now when I have enough resources, I'll sign up with Cisco and be certified at last!

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