Chillaxin' and Being Ranked

Some people have been wondering why this blog is called Chillaxin'. It's a word made up of two words: Chill and Relaxing. Basically, I like doing both. Hence, Chillaxin'. Actually, I do it more than anything else. So I guess you can call me a bum then. I'm a lazy person. Haha.

Anyway, a lot of Filipinos don't know what that means, but a lot also does. Unfortunately, almost everyone that I know don't know the word. Right now, I really shouldn't be chilling out and relaxing. I have big bad exams coming up in less than a week, man. But yeah, I'm supposed to be doing my laundry now, but someone beat me to the laundry area.

So here I am again, chillaxin'. I noticed that this blog finally got up from being unranked to getting PR0. Waaaa. Nothing to be happy about, but then again, it's better to see a PR0/10 than unranked. Let's just hope my talents are enough to help me pass the upcoming exam.

I'm so wrecked right now, I actually went back to nail-biting. Ew, gross. My right index finger's actually half its size now since February started. Oh well, it'll grow back anyways. I just need some suckers(lollipops) to keep my mouth busy after the exam.

Oh, and yeah, I forgot, it's time I shamelessly plug my other blog, Miss Wilhelmina, go ahead and click on the link already! :D

Anarchist Philosophy

And yes, it's the fifth of the blogs that I am reviewing for today. I have no guarantee that I will be reviewing more again tomorrow. Who knows? And no, I'm not getting paid for these blog reviews. This is an opportunity for me to be able to have something to write about on my blog.

So I troll the Web again to find more money making sites and I found Anarchist Philosophy. Don't ask me why that is the blog's title, I'm not the blogger himself. Anyway, the blog was actually one of the most unique ones I've seen so far. There were a lot of moving stuff on there. Lots of marquees. I could very well say that the layout is fairly clean and that he used marquees to make sure that the links weren't scattered.

I enjoyed One Door, Two Rooms, Three Lightbulbs. The post was about a puzzle involving three light bulbs. Hop on over to the site and see if you can actually solve it. I know I had a little hard time with it. You might actually do better on it than I did.

Make Money With a 14-year-old

Holy scattered ads! So I search for money-making blogs and then I come up with Make Money Online. I was gonna wait for a few more posts before I start talking about sponsored posts, but if you check out the blog, that's when you can really say that the posts are really, really sponsored. Sponsored by Adsense, that is. Hmmm, I'd really love to flaunt all my ads out there for everyone to see, but not like on that site.

As I continue to read up on what information this site has for me, I checked out his most recent posts until I came across his Brought a New Car post. I thought, "Oooh, I'd love to be able to buy a new car someday.". Turns out he really didn't buy a car, but they got a loan car instead from an insurance company. I have no idea how rebates work, but well, he says the car is a "musitibi lancer".

Yeah, a Musitibi Lancer. Check him out if you want. :)

Thoughts of a Blank Mind

I was kinda procrastinating from writing up the next entry about site monetization, because frankly, my ind just went blank. It seems that these things needed to be planned ahead before I actually post. So readers, look out for the next entry.

Well, speaking of blank minds, I came across Blank Mind of Treizie. The blog author is a fellow Filipina who has dedicated her site to her son, Treizie. Cute name. I'm guessing he's gonna be called Trei with an American accent because his mommy is a home-based call center agent too. I just realized Treizie could be pronounced as "Tracy".

Anyway, as I looked through her blog, one particular entry caught my eye. It was the Browsing The Net While Reading A Novel post. How can you browse the net while reading? And a novel at that! At first, I just thought that she could just probably be talking about a novel online, then I started reading and then realized that it was an actual book that her bf gave her which he bought from the National Book Store. Lady call center agent, you sure take multi-tasking to heart. Kudos!

Eccentricity Over the Net

And just when I thought there could possibly no one else who's crazier than moi, I come across PC's are on the interweb now?. It seems that the ones moderating this blog like wasting away. But then again, what self-proclaiming insane tech doesn't? :)

What I love about this site though is the "super sexy" layout. *Chuckles* These guys are funny, if you really read what they're writing. I'm positive I've seen a layout similar to it. It was a Wordpress layout. This site probably had that layout first then the mods just tweak the CSS to get it the way they wanted it. Kudos to those guys. They did an excellent job at it.

I enjoyed reading Billztard and the epic apache problem, it was about one of the authors trying to get into the World of Warcraft website so that he can pay for his game subscription, but unfortunately, there was a server problem on the end of Blizzard, so he calls up tech support, and well, it was a funny call. He might've been pretty p*ssed when he called, but the tech just proved himself to be umm...idiotic. Read up on the post and you'll see what I mean.

The World Is Yours Now!!!

In my quest to find other blogs that might help me in learning about opportunities online and how to effectively benefit from them, I came across The World Is Yours Now. It's actually a blog that talks about how you can do better with finance and how to find opportunities that would later on be quite beneficial to the the seeker.

I found one of the blogger's posts that quite peaked my interest. It's about tips on getting a higher Page Rank or gaining it back again after getting a Page Rank drop. I know I haven't talked about PR on my blog yet, but we will come to that. The blogger made some very interesting points about PR and I might actually apply some of those tips. Now I'm off to read some more from the said blog, so should you. If you're into site monetization, this site can really give you some insight about it.

Monetizing Blogger

Blogger is probably the easiest blogging platform to monetize. Why? Basically because it's Google-powered and it has page elements that make it easy for you to customize your blog, as well as an Adsense page element.

Now for the blog super-newbie, from Google

Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to what your visitors are looking for on your site — or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts — you'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages.

It's also a way for website publishers to provide Google web and site search to their visitors, and to earn money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.

Get it? If you had a site, even a free-hosted blog such as this one, you can be a publisher of their ads and earn money through it. I haven't cracked the Adsense code yet, and still in the process of fully understanding it, but I have earned something through it. Right now, I'm not planning on becoming a full-time publisher of the ads just yet, but God-willing, if my predictions are gonna be right, I might not have to have a job anymore and just live off of Adsense.

I can't go in-depth with discussing Adsense right now, because that would veer away from the broader topic, which is monetizing Blogger. I might as well just make a little list of what I know so far.

Monetize via:

1. Adsense
2. Any other ad publishing sites
3. Paid Posts
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Selling your own products

About ad-publishing, please, I mean, PLEASE, read the Terms of Service before agreeing to it. This is so that just in case you think of something, you would know that it is either in violation or not of the TOS.

For example, if you are a publisher of Adsense and of course you find out that you get paid via clicks on your ads and then you have this epiphany of wanting to click your own ads in hopes of generating income for yourself. This is what I have to say about it.


Seriously, you don't want to be banned by Google for violating their TOS. If you continue to "fool" Google by clicking on your own ads, chances are the advertisers are wasting their money advertising their sites for bogus clicks, and Google has very low tolerance about false clicks. I stated above to not even dare to hover your mouse above the ads, because well, accidental clicks happen, and well, you know that sh*t happens too.

Wow, this is turning out to be a long series of posts. Stay tuned for more. I am so not done yet.