Anarchist Philosophy

And yes, it's the fifth of the blogs that I am reviewing for today. I have no guarantee that I will be reviewing more again tomorrow. Who knows? And no, I'm not getting paid for these blog reviews. This is an opportunity for me to be able to have something to write about on my blog.

So I troll the Web again to find more money making sites and I found Anarchist Philosophy. Don't ask me why that is the blog's title, I'm not the blogger himself. Anyway, the blog was actually one of the most unique ones I've seen so far. There were a lot of moving stuff on there. Lots of marquees. I could very well say that the layout is fairly clean and that he used marquees to make sure that the links weren't scattered.

I enjoyed One Door, Two Rooms, Three Lightbulbs. The post was about a puzzle involving three light bulbs. Hop on over to the site and see if you can actually solve it. I know I had a little hard time with it. You might actually do better on it than I did.