Thoughts of a Blank Mind

I was kinda procrastinating from writing up the next entry about site monetization, because frankly, my ind just went blank. It seems that these things needed to be planned ahead before I actually post. So readers, look out for the next entry.

Well, speaking of blank minds, I came across Blank Mind of Treizie. The blog author is a fellow Filipina who has dedicated her site to her son, Treizie. Cute name. I'm guessing he's gonna be called Trei with an American accent because his mommy is a home-based call center agent too. I just realized Treizie could be pronounced as "Tracy".

Anyway, as I looked through her blog, one particular entry caught my eye. It was the Browsing The Net While Reading A Novel post. How can you browse the net while reading? And a novel at that! At first, I just thought that she could just probably be talking about a novel online, then I started reading and then realized that it was an actual book that her bf gave her which he bought from the National Book Store. Lady call center agent, you sure take multi-tasking to heart. Kudos!