Chillaxin' and Being Ranked

Some people have been wondering why this blog is called Chillaxin'. It's a word made up of two words: Chill and Relaxing. Basically, I like doing both. Hence, Chillaxin'. Actually, I do it more than anything else. So I guess you can call me a bum then. I'm a lazy person. Haha.

Anyway, a lot of Filipinos don't know what that means, but a lot also does. Unfortunately, almost everyone that I know don't know the word. Right now, I really shouldn't be chilling out and relaxing. I have big bad exams coming up in less than a week, man. But yeah, I'm supposed to be doing my laundry now, but someone beat me to the laundry area.

So here I am again, chillaxin'. I noticed that this blog finally got up from being unranked to getting PR0. Waaaa. Nothing to be happy about, but then again, it's better to see a PR0/10 than unranked. Let's just hope my talents are enough to help me pass the upcoming exam.

I'm so wrecked right now, I actually went back to nail-biting. Ew, gross. My right index finger's actually half its size now since February started. Oh well, it'll grow back anyways. I just need some suckers(lollipops) to keep my mouth busy after the exam.

Oh, and yeah, I forgot, it's time I shamelessly plug my other blog, Miss Wilhelmina, go ahead and click on the link already! :D


ceblogger said...

Weli, what's the latest from you? Taas taas gyud bakasyon ah!

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