Chris Brown and Rihanna Not Dating

[Paris, March 1. Image via Bauer-Griffin]

Chris Brown and Rihanna Not Dating? These two continue to confuse their fans or anybody in the Music Entertainment scene. There's been way too many photographed evidences of them together, including their snuggle fest in Paris, their little pool encounter, and umm, Rihanna being on the set of Jordin Sparks' No Air while it was being filmed. If that wasn't looking over her boyfriend, then I don't what that is. They have matching star tattoos at the back of their necks, but then again, tattoos can be removed anytime you want now. Britney Spears had the tattoo at the back of her neck removed, didn't she?

Anyway, Chris and Rihanna keep on insisting that they are not dating each other, and that they are both single. Commitment issues, maybe? Rihanna, 20, says that Chris is like 10 and that he's like a brother to her. A brother that she fools around with? Ummm, no thanks. And Chris says that he's just 18 and only wants to live his life and have fun.

Well, looks like Jordin Sparks has a chance after all. ^_^

Chris Brown - With You

He's 18, got Rihanna on his arm and very much talented. No, I'm not one of those girls who claim to be in love with him, but I do love one of his songs, "With You". It's been playing for a very long while now, but I keep on forgetting to feature it on my blog, but now that I have, I'd like to know if people actually appreciate it as much as I do. Enjoy the vid!

Chris Brown \,,/!

The Talented Mr. Montano

The Talented Mr. Montano. That is Brian Gorrell's blog which basically sums up how he lost all his life's savings to his ex-boyfriend, Filipino "socialite" DJ Montano, whoever he is.

I cannot believe I actually missed this piece of scandal had not Rodel posted a link to Brian Gorrell's blog for it. I mean I already knew that there are a ton of Paris Hiltons in the world, but unlike Paris Hilton, the guy being accused on the said blog isn't as rich as Paris Hilton. The Heiress is The Heiress, but this guy is accused of being a thief, a scammer, and well, the traditional Filipino money-grubber that rips off foreign nationals who are in love with them. Paris Hilton is just rich, shallow and whatever, but this guy is all of Paris Hilton, and that he steals. Paris Hilton doesn't need to steal. The guy is "known" in my country, but I, umm, have not heard of him until this day. And reading Brian Gorrell's blog made me go, "God, some people are just full of themselves." I was thinking that about the Gucci Gang.

It's a shame that so many Filipinos are engaged in activities such as this one, I mean, what is it about money that people are willing to belittle, abuse, hurt and even humiliate those who love them for it? I'm Filipino, and am not ashamed of my heritage, but knowing that a fellow Filipino is so evil, disgusts me. But it makes me want to go out into the world and show the world that not all Filipinos are like that. I personally have experienced something similar to that, and well, it just makes you want to do something bad.

Brian, if you even bother reading this, I sincerely hope that you do get your money back. $70,000 US Dollars is a lot. According to his blog, the money is for his treatment, as he is HIV-positive. Medicine is not cheap, especially for HIV, but check out my other entry about AIDS Medicine for Less, could be of some help to you.

Reserve Where You're Staying

Traveling is such a hassle especially if you do not know where you are going to be staying. That is what hotel reservations are for. Nowadays, if you go online, you can find thousands of hotel reservation sites to help you book your stay at. No matter what country you are in at the moment, you will still be able to book it.

If you are going to a particular city, all you have to do is visit the hotel reservation site, input the city in the empty field, your expected Check-in date as well as your expected Check-out date. If you are a business man or woman, it's tough if you don't have anything planned out on your trip, right? Now we wouldn't want your plans to get all screwed up.

What's interesting about these hotel reservation sites is that you can avail of hotel discounts also. Now who doesn't like discounts? I know I like discounts. Going on a vacation to relax, preferably a resort? It seems that these sites have them all covered. You won't have any problem at all, just as long as you book on time, and have all that you need.

If you're traveling with some friends, or a crew, find the group booking button for special group rates. Saving more money is important too, especially if you don't want to run out of it soon. Speaking of which, one of my friends is getting married in a couple of months' time. It's just too bad that she already booked a hotel long before I even found the site, otherwise, we might have to book on some of the hotels on the site.

Maybe when I finally visit the U.S. or Canada, then I'll book way ahead just so I won't run out of a room.

Hungry for Some Schooling

Not schooling like going through Mathematical stuff again. Trust me, I'm so done with Math, even if I love it. But yeah, surfing through the Internet for some food led me to this site for culinary schools and made me start wondering if I could actually do good in trying to cook up something.

At one point in my life, I did want to go to chef school just to learn how to cook. And not just learn how to cook, I'd also want to know how nutritious the food I'm cooking is. It's not like I can't cook, I'm just saying that if I went to a culinary school, I might be able to do better than anyone I know and well, probably start my own restaurant. There's nothing better than the feeling of cooking your own food and can actually be good at it.

I love food, can you tell? Sometime in the future, I will hit up some of those schools.

Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone

I've been listening to it for quite some time now and I still haven't gotten tired of it.

It's a sad song, and well, the saddest songs are what lasts in the music scene. Check out the video, I'm sure lots of you can relate to it.

Manny Pacquiao Wins Again!

It was a fight that nobody expected to last as long as 12 rounds. People wanted to see a knock out but that didn't happen today. Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez were at it today to finish what they have started. This fight settled who among the both of them is the best. It just so happens that it was Manny Pacquiao.

The scores were 115-112 in favor of Juan Manuel Marquez, 115-112 and 114-113 in favor of Manny Pacquiao.

If only I had enough cash, I would've bet on Manny Pacquiao. I would've had enough to cover finances for the entire year if I did.