About Me

Name: Wilhelmina
Current Age: 23 going on 24 in June 2008
Occupation: no longer a bum

I'm a computer and Internet addict who just got into blogging, which is one of my many hobbies. I am currently located in Cebu City, Philippines, and I love doing brainy stuff. I don't shun reading like a lot of people. I love books, I've loved them since I was old enough to hold them. I like to sing, but I'm not about to boast that I'm a great singer or whatsoever. I love music, movies, and Mathematics.

Yes, I must have such a boring life for a lot of people since I'm not a clubber. I enjoy nature tripping more than going out at night. Swimming and running are the best sports for me. I like eating healthy food, even if I can't afford it at the moment. Jeez, eating right costs money, man. It costs more than just having a cup of rice and some chicken or some veggies.