Discovering Cebu Contest

Cebuano bloggers, especially those who love to travel and write should definitely join this contest. The aim of this contest is of course, to promote Cebu's best tourist spots, show the world that Cebu has great potential in the business world and make sure that Cebu will be put on the map of the world.

The contest is open to all individuals, students, professionals and bloggers. In short, just about anybody who has access to a computer.

These are the mechanics of the contest:

a.) The potential contestant should visit the ONE Cebu Products Booths of any Cebu town or city in the CICC anytime from August 8 to 15, 2008.
b.) The contestant should interview and get first hand information about a town’s tourist spot, product, or entrepreneur, and have his/her photo taken at the booth.
c.) The contestant should make a writeup of an article which should consist of at least one photo showing the contestant in the exhibit plus an article in english of no less than 100 words. The contestant may submit additional photos if he has visited that town and city, but the first photo should show the contestant visiting the town booth he is writing about.
Only blogs and articles written on August 8, 2008 until the deadline of the submission will be acceptable as entries.
The contestant may register and submit the entry at the Mandaue Chamber official website at The submission should be no later than August 18 at 5:00pm.
There are 4 criteria of judging for the winning entry:
1. Sensitivity to the people and culture being described, and the uniqueness of the product/service of the locality identified - (40%)
2. User Rating and Voting - (30%)
3. Quality of content and research - (15%)
4. Overall composition and grammar - (15%)
The winners will be announced on August 23. A panel of judges will choose 3 winners of the contest with the following prizes:

* 1st prize - P8,000 cash or gift cheque
* 2nd prize - P5,000 cash or gift cheque
* 3rd prize - P2,000 cash or gift cheque

TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) will require all contestants for all submissions accepted as contest winners and for publication. In addition, MCCI will reserve the right to reprint the story in a future publication. The writer may republish the unedited submission as desired after initial publication on Judges’ decision is irrevocable and final.
Your entry may be disqualified if:

* It is not on the topic or is not original.
* Registration form is not complete or contains incorrect information
* It does not have first account interviews and relies solely on Internet research.
* It plagiarizes—that is, uses someone else’s statements or ideas.

Contest for Cebu Blogs

I know I posted on my other blog, Miss Wilhelmina, the mechanics for this contest. I should've posted on here first, since this blog has more traffic than the other blog. But what's done is done, and I can only hope that any Cebuano blogger who comes across this blog will still join the contest.

Here are the mechanics:

Objective: To let a hundred Cebu Blogs bloom.


1.) The blogger has to create a new blog about Cebu. Existing blogs
with already entries or traffic are not allowed. The blog may be self-
hosted, or it maybe in any of the publicly available free sites like, MSN, or

2.) It should be a new blog which will have a PageRank of 0 in Google,
and 0 authority as according to Blog Authority, Technorati.

3.) The blogger should register in the official website,

4.) Upon approval, he should do the following: (this will be provided
to him)

- Insert a code that will enable at statcounter which will count the
number of unique visitors and total them.

- insert a code that will enable the blog to carry the blogroll of all
the other accepted contestants. That means all official blogs will
carry a link to all other Cebu Blog contestants).

- the blogs may also be asked to carry the logos of the sponsors of
the mandaue Business Month.

Other than the above, the Cebu blogs are free to add whatever widgets,
advertisements, or add-ons that they feel will add to the value of
the blog or to their own income. However, please do note that a blog
with overwhelming clutter may earn less points in the theme and
overall aesthetics category.

5.) The blog contest will start on July 16, and will end on August 31,

6.) The registered bloggers will be invited to all the functions and
events of the Mandaue Business Month where the press is also invited.

7.) The bloggers will write about the events of the Mandaue Business
Month, as well as probable first hand accounts of any of the towns and
cities of Cebu. This will include for instance the schedules, and
plans of MBM, like the press con, contest rules etc.The blog may link
to other blogs and quote, but 70% of the overall content should be

8.) Each blog may have one or multiple writers. A school or
association or a group may collectively also write one blog as a
combined entry effort.

The top 3 blogs will win the following prizes:
1st prize - 8,000 pesos cash or gift cheque
2nd prize - 5,000 pesos cash or gift cheque
3rd prize - 2,000 pesos cash or gift cheque

9. The top blogs will be chosen based on the following criteria:

- Technorati Ranking at the end of the contest 15%
- Google Page Ranking at the end of the contest 15%
- Number of unique visitors garnered during the period as reported by
the Statcounter 20%
- Blog Design and Aesthetics 30%
- User Ranking and Voting in the website 20%

10. The top 3 blogs will be announced and awarded in September 2008
upon the conclusion of the Mandaue business Month.

11. Judges decision is irrevocable and final.

Get Paid to Try

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