The Chris Richardson Pillowcase

Okay, so I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm a Richness girl and I think it's about time that I got the design for the pillowcase that I designed for the Richness Raffle last November. But I am so not giving it away. I'm just putting it up on my blog, so that people would at least know that I designed it. Anyway, before designing this pillowcase, I absolutely had no experience working with any photo editing software at all. Seriously. We were just desperate for a design and well, it turns out that when we're desperate, I learn super fast and come up with a solution.

Four months after the The Richness Raffle, my pillowcase design has finally reached Chris Richardson and he signed it "Sweet Dreams" even. When I found that out, I thought, "Oh, I'm definitely getting some sweet dreams.". Getting appreciated feels so good. Thank you, Yankeejan from The Richness! She won the pillowcase from the raffle and not only Chris Richardson did like it, Melinda Doolittle wanted a picture with it too, since she loved it. Oh I feel so special. Haha. And according to Yankeejan, the AI people and the Dreyer's people loved it as well, so I'm like on Cloud Nine right now. Now if only they knew I'm the only Wil everyone's talking about from The Richness....

Chris Richardson - All Alone

OMG, Christopher Michael Richardson, you finally got it out! I've heard about three versions of the song already, and was not expecting the actual recorded version to turn out to be well, good, in my taste. I don't really know when or if I'll get tired of the song, but this song can stick to you, because the melody's so easy to sing along with. He has sung this song on a couple of different occasions and when he did, The Richness were always spazzing at how he liked changing the arrangement of the song. Really, must he do that all the time? Doesn't he know that his loyal fans get all crazy when he does that and even crazier when he does things like post pictures of himself on MySpace? I mean, look at those aviators! Umm, sorry, rambling now, hahah. Anyway, go check out Chris Richardson's MySpace Page and listen to his first ever released single "All Alone", which by the way, you can get on iTunes--later on. For now, it's available on Amazon. It's got a free picture of Chris Richardson on it too. And he also put up a sample of the next single that he will be releasing, Guilty. Oh, and check out Blake Lewis' comment to him. Funny guy, I can barely understand what he said. Haha.

For more Chris Richardson craziness, check out The Richness and for even more Chris Richardson craziness, go to the The Richness Forums.

I Just Got Into PayPerPost!

Finally!!! After three times of trying to get into PayPerPost, they finally approved my blog. Yes, I said it right. Three @$%@% times, people. Ok, so why did I even want to get into PayPerPost? Simple, the site's name says it all. You post, they pay per post. But if you actually are a reader of mine, you would know that not all my posts are all about money talk.

I enjoy blogging. Through blogging, I met some blog enthusiasts who like talking about blogging as well. This blog used to be just a place where I ranted about stuff, but all that's in the past now, and then I started blogging about anything that I can find, or anything that I have something to say about.

I heard about PayPerPost from one of those blogger friends, so I figured, since I like what I'm doing right now, why not make some cash out of it, right? So I made sure I had enough posts, and readers, and well, still, my blog wasn't good enough. Booo... I tried again about a month later, after God knows how many more posts, still not good enough. Before I tried again, I changed the blog's whole look and feel from dark red and gray to cool blue. Then I tried again, luckily enough, I got an email later on that my blog has been approved.

I sound so desperate, huh? Don't worry, I'm not. PayPerPost gave me a challenge to better my blog, and over time, I did make my blog even better than it was before. It looks more professional, readers actually bother coming back without being told to do so, it's building good traffic slowly yet surely, and people are actually subscribing. So I guess I'm pretty happy right now. So if you have a blog and would like to monetize and make it even better, why not try blog marketing with PayPerPost as well?

Penis Enlargement Reviews

Don't let the post title scare you. I have Health under one of my categories so penile health is still health. Anyway, men like their packages, well, a little bigger than it already is. Male enhancement exists for the fact that men either just want to boast about their packages, perform "better", or feel better about themselves. In short, those who are not "blessed" enough, get to have more confidence in themselves.

If you want to read on penis enlargement, there are a ton of sites out there with so much information on penile health, male enhancement products and more. I've heard of these products but wasn't too sure if they actually worked. Maybe they do, because a lot of people actually use these products. Take a look at this video of a penis extender. I didn't even know they can put it on youtube.

So if you are a man and in search of getting "better", go ahead and do a little research on these enhancement products. Check out the reviews and see which one is best suited for you. ;)

The Forbidden Kingdom

OMG... It's The Forbidden Kingdom! For years, I've waited for Jackie Chan and Jet Li to get together for one project and now they finally did. When I read on the newspaper last year on an interview about Jackie Chan and the work that he's doing, I felt that 2008 was still so far far away. But it's 2008 now and well, time flies! It's about a kung-fu obsessed American teenager who somehow gets himself into---ssshh.. I'm not telling anymore. But I will be watching the movie when it comes out, at least when it's in the movies here. I didn't wait more than a year for this movie and not watch it. I'll watch it, even if I go alone. Haha. I just wanna watch The Forbidden Kingdom, man. I haven't treated myself to a movie in a while, and I have a good feeling that The Forbidden Kingdom is a good movie that can get me into wanting to watch again in the movies.

Laptops, Laptops, Laptops!

Being a tech junkie, anything high-tech that I can get my hands on, I have a hard time letting go. When i graduated from college (again), he gave me a laptop for a present. Well, I don't really need a laptop after finishing school, thing is, it would've been a very great help if he gave me one before I finished my first degree.

I would've used the laptop for mastering programming and such. If I had what I have now when I was still studying Computer Engineering, maybe I would've done better. Anyway, enough reminiscing of the past that will never return.

What I got was an Arnold Xnote. Funny thing though, is that whenever I try Googling it or searching on Yahoo, all that would come up is California Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger.

*Sigh* Not wondering why. Anyway, it's got a nice High-Definition LCD screen, with all the works, and so far, it's been very good to me. I'm not gonna go into detail as talk about its specs, because if I do, I'm pretty sutre it'll only bore ya'll. So maybe I'll talk about the specs next time.

Loving Pictures

Ok, so my MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster accounts don't have too many pictures of me on them. But it's not like I hate pictures, I might not hate them, but I don't love them that much either.