I Just Got Into PayPerPost!

Finally!!! After three times of trying to get into PayPerPost, they finally approved my blog. Yes, I said it right. Three @$%@% times, people. Ok, so why did I even want to get into PayPerPost? Simple, the site's name says it all. You post, they pay per post. But if you actually are a reader of mine, you would know that not all my posts are all about money talk.

I enjoy blogging. Through blogging, I met some blog enthusiasts who like talking about blogging as well. This blog used to be just a place where I ranted about stuff, but all that's in the past now, and then I started blogging about anything that I can find, or anything that I have something to say about.

I heard about PayPerPost from one of those blogger friends, so I figured, since I like what I'm doing right now, why not make some cash out of it, right? So I made sure I had enough posts, and readers, and well, still, my blog wasn't good enough. Booo... I tried again about a month later, after God knows how many more posts, still not good enough. Before I tried again, I changed the blog's whole look and feel from dark red and gray to cool blue. Then I tried again, luckily enough, I got an email later on that my blog has been approved.

I sound so desperate, huh? Don't worry, I'm not. PayPerPost gave me a challenge to better my blog, and over time, I did make my blog even better than it was before. It looks more professional, readers actually bother coming back without being told to do so, it's building good traffic slowly yet surely, and people are actually subscribing. So I guess I'm pretty happy right now. So if you have a blog and would like to monetize and make it even better, why not try blog marketing with PayPerPost as well?