Chris Richardson - All Alone

OMG, Christopher Michael Richardson, you finally got it out! I've heard about three versions of the song already, and was not expecting the actual recorded version to turn out to be well, good, in my taste. I don't really know when or if I'll get tired of the song, but this song can stick to you, because the melody's so easy to sing along with. He has sung this song on a couple of different occasions and when he did, The Richness were always spazzing at how he liked changing the arrangement of the song. Really, must he do that all the time? Doesn't he know that his loyal fans get all crazy when he does that and even crazier when he does things like post pictures of himself on MySpace? I mean, look at those aviators! Umm, sorry, rambling now, hahah. Anyway, go check out Chris Richardson's MySpace Page and listen to his first ever released single "All Alone", which by the way, you can get on iTunes--later on. For now, it's available on Amazon. It's got a free picture of Chris Richardson on it too. And he also put up a sample of the next single that he will be releasing, Guilty. Oh, and check out Blake Lewis' comment to him. Funny guy, I can barely understand what he said. Haha.

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Anonymous said...

Wil, you are amazing, you know that? I entered Chris Richardson All Alone and you're #1!!!! Way to go girl! So proud to call you my friend :) MEAMES

Anonymous said...

Haha I agree! Chris Richardson is awesome. I mean yes! Those Aviator Sunglasses he has on! So hot!