Fashionable Glasses for Less with Case

Are you looking for a pair of glasses that doesn't cost too much, but at the same time doesn't look too shabby nor of less quality? Well, for just $8.00, you can have all that. Check out this one pair of prescription glasses. To check out a larger view, click on the picture.

The frame is available in several different colors such as Black outside, Blue inside; Black outside, Red inside; Black on top, Clear purple at bottom; Clear pink; Black on top, Clear blue at bottom; Clear blue; Scarlet outside, Clear inside.

So where can you find a fashionable pair of eyeglasses such as this one? All you have to do is check out Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. They also give you the option of choosing whether or not you want your pair of glasses to have AR Anti-Reflection Coating or if you want your lens tinted. Just because you find something online that doesn't cost a fortune doesn't mean that it is ineffective or it's bogus. A lot of them actually are made out of pretty good quality that needs to be tried out before you can say anything bad about it.

The best thing found: Zenni Optical for your less costly fashionable glasses. It's like having a great discovery with Zenni Optical, and you don't have to worry about shipping costs too. Shipping cost is at a flat rate of $4.95 no matter how many glasses you order. So however you look at it, you as the consumer is at an advantage.

Out of the country? Don't worry, Zenni Optical ships internationally for your convenience.

Car Survey

I love cars, I just do. It's just sad that I don't have one just yet. But I will get myself one someday and make sure that it is brand new. =]

Jordin Sparks - No Air

For those of you who don't know Jordin Sparks, well she's the latest American Idol so far and the youngest to boot. At 17, she pwned all the other contestants such as Melinda Doolittle, Blake Lewis, LaKisha Jones, Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey, Sanjaya Malakar, Haley Scarnato, Chris Sligh and Gina Glocksen.

Her single, Tattoo, did good, but apparently not good enough for most critics. I thought Tattoo was good and even sung to it for quite a while, still do whenever I hear it, but I don't play it as often anymore. However, I do play her other single more often then most of the songs that I have on my playlist.

I admit it, I love No Air with Chris Brown. And, umm, well, I love Chris Brown too. Tee-hee. Sue me. Anyway, one of her fansites on MySpace posted the official video to No Air as a bulletin. I run a Chris Richardson fansite, but it seems there are more Jordin Sparks fansites, which is absolutely fine with me, and they love adding me. Oh well.

Let's just hope Jordin's career blossoms just like Kelly Clarkson's and Carrie Underwood's, and hope she doesn't end up like Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard. I don't know what happened to Fantasia, though. I heard she sings with LaKisha now, but I have no idea where. Anyway, here's her video, No Air. Enjoy!

Lunar Eclipses

I'm a Cancer whose dominant planet is supposed to be the Moon. I don't know what that means but I have always been in love with the moon. It's probably because it's so silvery and I can stare at it unlike the Sun. When asked of what do I think of beautiful, I always think of the Moon.

But what's this I hear about a Total Lunar Eclipse happening? Let me look up what that really means according to Google definition:

Celestial event during which the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, temporarily darkening its surface.

Umm, so if the Moon will be covered by the Earth's shadow, how will you know that the Moon is in that precise place? I mean, the Moon is a big thing, but can you still see it? It's pretty obvious that I haven't seen a Lunar eclipse before, huh? I know Lunar eclipses happen a whole lot more than Solar eclipses and that they are safer to look at than the latter, but I at least wanna know what to expect and what time it's happening. So now, it's research time for me, and I will apparently increase Google's trend for lunar eclipses searches. :]

So my latest research says that this is going to be the last Lunar eclipse that I can see until 2010. Ummm, I've never ever seen a lunar eclipse before, but since this is going to be the last, I will be activating all the alarm clocks in the house just to see this baby.

This lunar eclipse is just like going to a celebrity-infused event, with cameo appearances by Saturn and the bright star Regulus. And to make it even more interesting, both will be appearing on either side of the moon, so I guess the middle part would be the unseen moon? Hahah, I'm so ignorant when it comes to Astronomy. I can't believe I even wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.

Hmm, after some more reading, I finally find out that the lunar eclipse won't be "unseen". Instead it'll have a tinge of orange or red to it. I slightly remember having seen that happen before. So I guess I'm not so inexperienced with lunar eclipses.

What I want to know now is what time and when it's going to happen in Asia. But after some research, I still haven't found any information about it happening for people in Asia. I guess I'm not gonna be seeing Saturn then. Sad.

Facials at Home

Women love looking and feeling beautiful and the first thing that they want to make sure is beautiful is their face. They don't like having blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, et cetera. Well, I'm about to put down a home remedy that's guaranteed to keep women's skin clean and clear without using anything artificial. It's like giving yourself a facial at home.

We love facials at home. You don't have to pay somebody to do it for you or you don't even have to buy expensive products just to look good. I've done this a lot of times before and I love it.

What you need:
egg white
some sugar or honey (optional)

Just mix them together, make sure the mixture's sticky enough to stick to your face. Apply on your face, let it stay for as long as you want. If you have blackheads or whiteheads that you want to get rid of, cut some strips of onion paper, which can be bought from local school supply stores, and stick them on the spots where they exist on, and put some of the mixture more on top of it to get it to stick. When you apply the mixture on your face, do it with an upward motion. Let it stick on your face until it stiffens on your face. When you feel like taking the mixture off, peel the strips off your face, then wash your face with some lukewarm water.

Check the strips, if you have a lot of blackheads or whiteheads, most of them are now on the strip. It realy works, you don't have to buy pore strips anymore. I'm pretty sure you felt the mask tightening on your face as it dries up. So if you feel like it, apply some of the mixture again on your face again just to help tighten the pores that have been vacated by the blackheads and whiteheads.

By the way, the strips will also peel off any dead skin you have on your face, giving you a clean and clear face after. After washing your face with your favorite cleanser and lukewarm water, close the pores by washing your face with some cold water.

Apply some moisturizer on your face after. Don't forget to wear some sunscreen on your way out too.

Fact: Some women when cooking eggs keep the shells since the shells have some residue of the egg whites and use their fingers to scrape the egg whites and apply them to their faces. Housewives do this the most.

Rihanna, "Please Don't Stop the Music"

I cannot stop listening to it. I love the song. I'm a music junkie like everyone else, but I haven't been listening to the radio for fear of getting distracted by the latest music being played out there. I get easily distracted and end up procrastinating when I'm not supposed to. I have to be fully focused on my studies right now.

I first heard the song "Please Don't Stop the Music" when I was looking for videos of Arianalynn dancing on YouTube. Arianalynn is a little Asian kid who can dance. I included a link so you can watch her dance to Flo Rida and T-Pain's "Low". In the video, she's practicing with her trainer, Tony Czar. When I saw her dance to Low, I was already jealous, because I stopped dancing at about her age. Anyway, on the video, they were just dancing to the chorus, but I already liked the beat, but decided to procrastinate and not get the mp3 until I heard it on the radio of a tricycle passing by. So I got motivated to download it and well, now I can't stop myself from listening to it. I'm hooked.

I was already hooked on Rihanna since her single, SOS, but she just makes you like her music even more with every release. Other Rihanna songs that I can't stop playing from my playlist are "Hate that I Love You" and "Good Girl Gone Bad".

I've always told bf that I hate that I love him, which is true, because well, when I love, I give it all. Ugh, fool for love. I know I should keep something for myself, but oh well. If I get hurt again, I should be able to get up stronger again. So when I first heard "Hate That I Love You", I felt like fate is playing with me. Then guess what, bf calls and tells me that he heard a song that reminded him of me. And yes, it's that song. I guess we finally have a song now. For the meantime, at least.

So, Rihanna, please don't stop the music.

Survey Break!

And here is another survey... Oh, make that two. Unless I figure out a way to make the page load faster with them on, this is how I'm gonna keep posting them. It's so simple just filling these things out and then all you gotta do is post them. :)

Happy Birthday!

It's the 19th of February and according to my calendar, I planned something for somebody today. It's his 21st birthday and he is my little brother. Well, I was kinda looking forward to this day until last night.

Very recently, I moved out of where I used to live with my brother and sister to find some peace so that I can continue studying without them making any noises in the background, no TV, no internet, just pure peace and quiet so I can get my act together and focus on the upcoming exam in May. Of course, I will still be using the internet for a few hours a day to update my blog, check my mail for new jobs and important stuff like tracking packages, and of course, to spend some talk time to my honey.

You may say that May is still a long way away, but it's not. It's just a couple of months away and I'm afraid that if I don't start getting serious, I'm gonna have to wait for another 6 months to be able to retake. And I have never failed anything academically yet, and I'm not about to start now. And I have no plans of retaking an exam I never wanted to take in the first place.

Anyway, a few days ago, I stumbled upon a thread in a local forum that I frequent and the thread starter posted for someone who was selling some cakes. I thought, This is perfect for my brother's 21st birthday. Well anyway, we live away from the parents and last year my parents actually forgot about his birthday. Nobody actually remembers except me. he even forgets his own birthday. And they say I'm insensitive. I just don't like acting all cheesy, that's all. So I contacted this person and asked her if it was ok if I pick up the cake at about 6 something in the evening, because I had review classes to go to and then I can go home right after. She obliges, so I have to keep my end of the deal. I'm going to go pick up the cake tonight and come home with it, even if my brother was mean to me for the whole time I was planning on surprising him.

What made him mean? Would you believe that he asked me to help pay for the internet bill when our dad has already sent him everything that he and my sister are going to need? He has all the money he's gonna need for the bills. That's what budgeting is about. It was like he was asking me for rent of using the internet, which by the way, the contract is under my name, so I can have it cancelled anytime. And he totally acts like we aren't family. Just last night, I knocked on their door because I forgot something and he opens up and was like, "What do you want?". Seriously, he makes me not wanna see my family again.

I moved out because I had to get away from him. I finally got my dad to let me retire from being a full-time mom and dad to my siblings and now it's my brother's turn to learn how to manage things. He has to go through the stuff that I endured for them. Budget what the parents give, pay the tuition, and save up as much as we can, pay the bills, run errands, be their maid for almost five years, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Right now, I'm making some small amount of money and I don't mind sharing at all, but asking me to pay up like a tenant and acting like I owe them something is a little bit too much. When I go to town to go to review school, he asks me to run errands for him. He says it's just a favor, but if I ask him to take out the trash, he's be like ok, then I still end up doing it. He never does anything that I ask him to do without getting me to at least yell at him.

so I decided that I'm getting out before my lifespan shortens any more. I could even feel hypertension creeping up on me sometimes. I'm just scared that if I stick around him any longer, I'd end up at the hospital from having too much heartache for caring too much about someone who never really cared about me.

Oh, and happy birthday to you too, Chris Rich.

HotSpots and Bloggers

A business meeting has been gone to again and it ended approximately three and a half hours later. The meeting place was at a coffee shop, and since it was the first time I brought my laptop to such a place, I was kinda excited in finding out if my laptop was going to detect any wireless networks or not. I waited for my laptop to initialize first before the wireless network detector started flashing on the taskbar. Smiling, I opened the Network and sharing Center window and saw that my beloved laptop detected about six networks. I was like, "Oh happy day!", and clicked on the first network. As the browser loaded, it redirected me to a password-protected network. So I disconnected from that network and clicked on the next network. The second network wasn't protected from anything else, so I was very happy to get to use some free internet. Who wouldn't be? And the best part was that the internet wasn't at dial-up speed, but at broadband speed.

Anyway, if my friend blogger, Rodelio and I decide to continue our partnership in building from his business ideas and my web contributions, I bet we are a force to be reckoned with. We are definitely in this thing to succeed and get on our way to financial freedom, as his blog states. For now, we are still saving up for our future investments, and soon enough, we will be retiring even before are old and gray. We just hope the coffee shop that we plan on having more meetings at are gonna give us some free coffee while we're there. We sure can do very good advertising for them.

Being a blogger gives you an advantage of being able to speak up your mind, whether it's positive or negative, but of course as much as possible, we should all concentrate on the positive things in life. the more positive we are, the more successful we get. Our plans are currently on draft for now and we are looking for ways to invest the cheap way but gain a lot from that. Apparently, we are still at a learning process, but learning isn't such a bad thing, we have nothing to lose at this point but time and we do plan on gaining more than losing a lot.

Speed Testing

Take a look at my current speed test from

Like seriously, is that possible for a Smartbro Broadband Connection, whose advertised downloading speed is only 384kbps? I don't know what happened, but I am just happy that I actually got to experience this even for just an entire night. Hopefully it stays this way though. It has been a while since my last speed test, and when I did this, I just couldn't believe my eyes that I had to retest over and over again. Then I was convinced that the speed test was bogus or broken, so I looked for other speed testers, but the results were still the same, or just as close to the previous result. Well, let's hope this is permanent.

Thank you, Smartbro!

Business Meetings - Part 2

Yes, there will be a part two to the meeting that happened about a week ago. We will be at the same place at Bo's Coffee Club, only this time, I'll be ordering something, and I'll be with my beloved laptop, because I'm too lazy to write stuff down anymore and well, I don't like looking at my scrawls. I like things fast, because time is precious in my opinion.

Ok, to sum things up,

What: Meeting for Bloggers
When: February 17, 2008
Where: Bo's Coffee Club, IT Park, Cebu

We're gonna be meeting up for ideas on how to monetize our blogs, since we like blogging so much. =]