HotSpots and Bloggers

A business meeting has been gone to again and it ended approximately three and a half hours later. The meeting place was at a coffee shop, and since it was the first time I brought my laptop to such a place, I was kinda excited in finding out if my laptop was going to detect any wireless networks or not. I waited for my laptop to initialize first before the wireless network detector started flashing on the taskbar. Smiling, I opened the Network and sharing Center window and saw that my beloved laptop detected about six networks. I was like, "Oh happy day!", and clicked on the first network. As the browser loaded, it redirected me to a password-protected network. So I disconnected from that network and clicked on the next network. The second network wasn't protected from anything else, so I was very happy to get to use some free internet. Who wouldn't be? And the best part was that the internet wasn't at dial-up speed, but at broadband speed.

Anyway, if my friend blogger, Rodelio and I decide to continue our partnership in building from his business ideas and my web contributions, I bet we are a force to be reckoned with. We are definitely in this thing to succeed and get on our way to financial freedom, as his blog states. For now, we are still saving up for our future investments, and soon enough, we will be retiring even before are old and gray. We just hope the coffee shop that we plan on having more meetings at are gonna give us some free coffee while we're there. We sure can do very good advertising for them.

Being a blogger gives you an advantage of being able to speak up your mind, whether it's positive or negative, but of course as much as possible, we should all concentrate on the positive things in life. the more positive we are, the more successful we get. Our plans are currently on draft for now and we are looking for ways to invest the cheap way but gain a lot from that. Apparently, we are still at a learning process, but learning isn't such a bad thing, we have nothing to lose at this point but time and we do plan on gaining more than losing a lot.