Rihanna, "Please Don't Stop the Music"

I cannot stop listening to it. I love the song. I'm a music junkie like everyone else, but I haven't been listening to the radio for fear of getting distracted by the latest music being played out there. I get easily distracted and end up procrastinating when I'm not supposed to. I have to be fully focused on my studies right now.

I first heard the song "Please Don't Stop the Music" when I was looking for videos of Arianalynn dancing on YouTube. Arianalynn is a little Asian kid who can dance. I included a link so you can watch her dance to Flo Rida and T-Pain's "Low". In the video, she's practicing with her trainer, Tony Czar. When I saw her dance to Low, I was already jealous, because I stopped dancing at about her age. Anyway, on the video, they were just dancing to the chorus, but I already liked the beat, but decided to procrastinate and not get the mp3 until I heard it on the radio of a tricycle passing by. So I got motivated to download it and well, now I can't stop myself from listening to it. I'm hooked.

I was already hooked on Rihanna since her single, SOS, but she just makes you like her music even more with every release. Other Rihanna songs that I can't stop playing from my playlist are "Hate that I Love You" and "Good Girl Gone Bad".

I've always told bf that I hate that I love him, which is true, because well, when I love, I give it all. Ugh, fool for love. I know I should keep something for myself, but oh well. If I get hurt again, I should be able to get up stronger again. So when I first heard "Hate That I Love You", I felt like fate is playing with me. Then guess what, bf calls and tells me that he heard a song that reminded him of me. And yes, it's that song. I guess we finally have a song now. For the meantime, at least.

So, Rihanna, please don't stop the music.