Chillaxin' Too Much?

After what seemed to be forever, I've finally realized that I have another blog to update, and this is not just because I wanna make some cash off of this baby, but because I wanna get back on track. I started this blog way in 2006, but never really added content until like mid-2007.

The original purpose of this blog was of course, like every other frustrated kid at the time, I wanted to have something where I could vent out, but I was always more comfortable with just an ordinary pen and paper and well, a pen and paper may be more comfortable, but it's not safe from the prying eyes of my siblings.

Now an online blog can be kept private even if it is ONLINE for everyone else to see. I've noticed that I've been holding back everything that I've wanted to pour out and was majorly concerned about what I wanted to write in the first place. I wanted to write about charities, I wanted to write about making money, I wanted to write about daily events, but then again, who would really care, right?

So then I came to realize that since I pretty much can't please everybody with whatever writing talent that I used to have, I'm just gonna write about anything I can think of. So looks like my random personality is about to surface! Why don't you guys check out my other blog, Miss Wilhelmina, for whatever you can find on there?

Chillin' and Puffin'

Well, I don't really puff, but I do like chilling out a lot. Maybe a little too much. At my workplace though, everybody seems to like puffing. I've met some people at work who said that they never puffed or smoked before they started working, but apparently, they can't help smoking anymore.

Oh well...

I just hope I don't get sucked into the black hole. Anyway, I got someone from work who got me into letting her borrow some cash since her baby caught pneumonia and was in the hospital, so out of a good heart, I let her borrow some cash, and what irked me was that, she's working and she's supposed to be sending some cash home to her mom and kid and then comes pay day, and she texted me telling me that she's looking for me so she can pay me. It was my rest day so I won't be going to work. The day I came to work, she couldn't pay me anymore because she says she lost her money. Guess what, she promises to pay back the following week because her mom's sending her cash.

What? I thought she was the one sending the cash...

Well, I started observing her from afar and I noticed that basically almost every week, she has a new shirt or a new pair of shoes, or she talks about eating out.

It's almost pay day again, and I am just waiting until she finally decides whether or not she tells me that she can't pay me back, or I may have to pull something to get her to pay me back.

Hmmm, maybe I should take her ATM and the pin number and just give it back to her after I take what she owes me.

Cebu Bloggers Society

I've been part of the Cebu Bloggers Society for a while now, but it's only been recently that we've started to move or do something. Haha, really, we were just a group into writing on the web space and now, we've found out that there's more to blogging than meets the eye. Since we've started being active, persay, a few of the members suggested that we have shirts printed out that would promote the group. And well, I love shirts. The more exclusive, the better. But I'm not that materialistic. I just like the thought that the Cebu bloggers are getting along together and that everyone seems to agree on common things. In short, we're moving together as one.

If you wanna see the design, you can hop over to Miong and Marquee. It's a pretty sweet design and well, I can't wait for my real-life friends to see me in it. Haha.

Full-time Blogging

That is something that I can't do, since I have a full-time job and I don't have Internet at home anymore. Traffic has been sucky for this blog since I stopped updating in May.

Now I wonder, how do the full time bloggers get by everyday? What kind of investments do they have to make just to keep their traffic up? What is their ISP? Haha, still on the ISP issue.

In blogging, how many times a week do you have to update a blog, or is it even necessary to keep the blog updated every week? What is the purpose of blogging? Is it for monetary purposes, or just to vent out on cyberspace?

Is it for attention? What? I'm not totally sure, but I think I had answers to these questions roughly around a year ago. Now I'm just stumped. It would just seem like such a waste if I quit blogging now that I've been doing it for a year now.

So do you have answers for me?

Hollywood Flirt Lines

Ever tried flirting with someone using lines from movies?

"You complete me."

Do you really think those kind of lines actually work? I haven't actually tried those, but I think most of the time guys are the ones who usually come up with these lines. Now can you come up with a memorable line that you said to someone and it actually worked?

People love melodramatic lines. Well, not everybody is cheesy like that, but if you deliver it at the right moment, it might actually work. Some might even start laughing hilariously at you for saying such cheesy lines, but if you look serious enough and if that someone that you are trying to flirt with is somewhat familiar with the line and finds your delivery quite attractive, well, looks like we have a winner then!

Now, if you had Extreme Style by VO5, the lines might still be cheesy and the person that you're trying to flirt with might think of you as a dork, but he/she might also reconsider since you're looking all fine with that great looking hair.

I tried playing the game again and used some of the Hollywood lines, of course, the person I played with thought it was hilarious that I used such lines, but the plus was that he liked me because I'm humorous. So try playing the game as well. Here it is for your convenience. It's the Ultimate Flirting Championship game again. It's a fun and quick game, so try it.

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Off to the LAN Party

The aim is to get 500 computers under one roof! The event has already started and I am super late! It started long ago at 8AM and will end tomorrow at 8AM as well, so this is a 24 hour event, but unfortunately for the event organizers, it has been ongoing for more than 48 hours already.

I just hope it's a successful one and I will update as soon as I can! But right now, gotta get my butt to the doc's for my appointment. Gotta stay healthy for the job, right? :D