Chet Edwards for VP?

Who is Chet Edwards? Chet Edwards is a US Representative who, as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi thinks may be a good running mate for Barack Obama. Rep. Chet Edwards is a 56-year-old as well as a 9-term congressman for a district in Texas, which also includes the incumbent President's ranch in Crawford.

According to some of the few articles that I read about Rep. Chet Edwards, he is well-known in his district, people respect him, and that he's an overall good guy. But what would happen if he ran for Vice President? Would he still have the same respect that people have for him now, or will that deteriorate if he won? But then again, the spotlight most of the time is always on the President, and in my opinion, the Vice President usually doesn't get as much heat as the President always does.

I'm not a US-citizen, so I really don't know anything about how the politicians work in the US. I hardly know anything about how the politicians do their work around here either. When it comes to politics, I'm a dum-dum, so someone please, educate me.