The Forbidden Kingdom

OMG... It's The Forbidden Kingdom! For years, I've waited for Jackie Chan and Jet Li to get together for one project and now they finally did. When I read on the newspaper last year on an interview about Jackie Chan and the work that he's doing, I felt that 2008 was still so far far away. But it's 2008 now and well, time flies! It's about a kung-fu obsessed American teenager who somehow gets himself into---ssshh.. I'm not telling anymore. But I will be watching the movie when it comes out, at least when it's in the movies here. I didn't wait more than a year for this movie and not watch it. I'll watch it, even if I go alone. Haha. I just wanna watch The Forbidden Kingdom, man. I haven't treated myself to a movie in a while, and I have a good feeling that The Forbidden Kingdom is a good movie that can get me into wanting to watch again in the movies.