The Chris Richardson Pillowcase

Okay, so I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm a Richness girl and I think it's about time that I got the design for the pillowcase that I designed for the Richness Raffle last November. But I am so not giving it away. I'm just putting it up on my blog, so that people would at least know that I designed it. Anyway, before designing this pillowcase, I absolutely had no experience working with any photo editing software at all. Seriously. We were just desperate for a design and well, it turns out that when we're desperate, I learn super fast and come up with a solution.

Four months after the The Richness Raffle, my pillowcase design has finally reached Chris Richardson and he signed it "Sweet Dreams" even. When I found that out, I thought, "Oh, I'm definitely getting some sweet dreams.". Getting appreciated feels so good. Thank you, Yankeejan from The Richness! She won the pillowcase from the raffle and not only Chris Richardson did like it, Melinda Doolittle wanted a picture with it too, since she loved it. Oh I feel so special. Haha. And according to Yankeejan, the AI people and the Dreyer's people loved it as well, so I'm like on Cloud Nine right now. Now if only they knew I'm the only Wil everyone's talking about from The Richness....