Instant Noodles

Ahhh.. What good are they for? They're full of artificial stuff right? It's definitely not the best kind of food. Cooked food or home made food would always be the best. Instant noodles are sold in packs, or little plastic bowls and come in a variety of flavors.

Tonight, I just had a hot bowl of spicy noodles with an egg stirred in. The smell filled the air, making both of my siblings envious. We haven't had noodles in a couple of months already. So my liitle sister gets herself a spoon, not a fork, a spoon, and dips it in my bowl before asking me if she could have some. So I let her have a little. She was just too lazy to cook herself some. And she wanted a less bloated tummy, haha! Not that she was actually bloated, but she wanted to be like me, seriously, I eat a lot and I guess just got kinda used to crunching my tummy everywhere I go that my tummy's, well, flat. Well anyways, it would've just taken her a couple of minutes. *Sigh*Such a lazyass. So how about my brother? He hasn't eaten dinner yet and he finally decides that it was about time he did. In case you're wondering, we don't eat together, we just eat whenever we want to. He finally gets himself away from the computer, he's been watching Digimon Frontier the whole day, to cook himself some noodles and finally eats dinner.

Oh, the simple pleasures of life. Who knew that instant noodles could actually be one of them? Instant noodles can warm you up on a cold night and is always good for a snack. But they're only good if you have them every now and then, in my opinion.

What do you think? :)