Chris Brown and Rihanna Not Dating

[Paris, March 1. Image via Bauer-Griffin]

Chris Brown and Rihanna Not Dating? These two continue to confuse their fans or anybody in the Music Entertainment scene. There's been way too many photographed evidences of them together, including their snuggle fest in Paris, their little pool encounter, and umm, Rihanna being on the set of Jordin Sparks' No Air while it was being filmed. If that wasn't looking over her boyfriend, then I don't what that is. They have matching star tattoos at the back of their necks, but then again, tattoos can be removed anytime you want now. Britney Spears had the tattoo at the back of her neck removed, didn't she?

Anyway, Chris and Rihanna keep on insisting that they are not dating each other, and that they are both single. Commitment issues, maybe? Rihanna, 20, says that Chris is like 10 and that he's like a brother to her. A brother that she fools around with? Ummm, no thanks. And Chris says that he's just 18 and only wants to live his life and have fun.

Well, looks like Jordin Sparks has a chance after all. ^_^