Hungry for Some Schooling

Not schooling like going through Mathematical stuff again. Trust me, I'm so done with Math, even if I love it. But yeah, surfing through the Internet for some food led me to this site for culinary schools and made me start wondering if I could actually do good in trying to cook up something.

At one point in my life, I did want to go to chef school just to learn how to cook. And not just learn how to cook, I'd also want to know how nutritious the food I'm cooking is. It's not like I can't cook, I'm just saying that if I went to a culinary school, I might be able to do better than anyone I know and well, probably start my own restaurant. There's nothing better than the feeling of cooking your own food and can actually be good at it.

I love food, can you tell? Sometime in the future, I will hit up some of those schools.


villa214 said...

sounds like a childhood dream.
Good luck on that