AIDS Medicine For Less

How many of you know that medication for AIDS can be bought cheaper now? Not in the US or Asia, right? Actually, AIDS has become a lot easier to manage now. Among the very rare times that I watched TV, I once watched a show about AIDS and people who have it in the US. It was the Oprah show and they had Magic Johnson on it. The awareness for AIDS is widespread now, but unfortunately, since there is medicine for AIDS and that it's gotten more manageable, a lot of people don't mind even having it anymore.
But it's not easy having something that a lot more people still condemn.

In the US, if you have it, you're branded as someone who sleeps with anybody recklessly. Even if people don't know how you got it, people just assume that you got it through sexual contact with a lot of people. In Africa, it's already been established that if you have it, it was due to your lack of knowledge. The same in Asia, except in those places were civilization is "modern".

In Asia and Africa, however, a lot of the AIDS-infected ones are children. In most cases, they inherited their condition from their parents. These children live in orphanages if they are lucky. And in orphanages, they don't really get to eat too much unless donations are good.

Krisana Kraisintu, a Thai pharmaceutical chemist has found a way to make generic AIDS and malaria medicine, and she's getting them to people that need them the most. Her generic ARVs(antiretrovirals) are 18 times cheaper than the branded medicines and instead of taking 6 pills a day, you would only have to take 2 per day. As of now, she's helping those that she can in Africa, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Wish there were more people like her. It's just a shame that not a lot of people know about her cause. She's 56 now, and hopefully, those that she's training or have trained are as equally capable as her in making the drugs. Let's just hope that people wouldn't abuse this opportunity to live for those who really need the drugs. Let's help spread some more awareness.