Taylor Swift - I'd Lie

Yes, it's Country music. I still wonder why a lot of people say they hate Country music even though they actually like it in some way. Probably because there're way too many famous people who said they hate the music. I first heard this song on the The Official Richness message boards. And I mean the Real Official Richness boards and not the other one that claimed the name "The Official Richness". I've never heard the song played in Philippine Radio, but that's only because I don't have a radio. Well, my mp4 player has radio, but since we busted my radio back in 2003 for a project, I've never really listened much to the radio.

Got off-track again. Ugh. Anyway, the song talks of a girl loving a boy secretly. The tune's catchy in my opinion, and I have sung along to it and played it countless times on my mp3 player on my desktop and laptop, but all of a sudden, everytime I hear the intro to the song, I just feel like changing the song to the next. I found out that after a while, the song gets annoying. But if I'm not close to any of my music players, it gets less anoying and I give in and sing along to it again.