Blogger Break

You might have noticed that my number of posts which have been increasing gradually has suddenly dropped. And for those who know me from a local forum might be wondering why I haven't posted so much lately. Errr, even my boyfriend could be wondering what I've been doing with my time recently.

Well, I'm on a break from my life. I've gone into seclution and the only way I'm posting is through typing on my Internet-less laptop, right after studying and before bedtime. And I just copy and paste my entries from a saved file. Of course, Saturdays are study break days for me still. I'm gonna be turning down writing gigs, because they require research, and research would require me to get on the Internet, and Internet possesses me to a point that I will be spending so long a time on there like 12 hours long, and my bf is on the Internet too, and as I told him long ago, he is my biggest distraction. Thing is, I'm easily distracted and end up procrastinating, which is something I don't like.

My first priority is studying for the upcoming board exam in May, and surprisingly, my lazy self hasn't been lazy anymore for a week now. And trust me, when I say lazy, I mean LAZY. BF is fine with me ignoring him for the moment, as long as he gets his "I Love You" videos, short clips of me just saying I Love You. Well, shows I don't forget about him even for a day.

Okay, readers (if I have any), I'll be back.