How to Get 100,000 Page Views Everyday

Ever heard of Search Engine Optimization? Or even just indexing your site URL to search engines, and not just the top search engines? One question first.

Do you even know how many search engines the Internet has and that to have effective indexing, you have to submit your site URL to every single one of them? Seriously, it's crazy if you are going to have to go to every single one just to index your site. I noticed something, though. The longer your site is around, and the more unique visits your get, the higher you move up on the search engine searches. Yes, it's true. I made the The Richness site and just index it in the top two search engines, namely Yahoo! and Google. That's it. It's been up since September 2007, and well, even if it's not updated, since Chris Richardson's career is going slow right now, but it's still going somewhere, it somehow managed to get itself a PR1/10 ranking. And whenever you do a search on the two search engines, the site's always first on the search pages.

I'll be ecstatic if my blog gets on the first page. Anyway, back to the question. It obviously takes patience, lots of time before you can get 100,000 page views everyday. A lot of advertisement too. Well, I'm hoping somehow you understood my point there.

Good luck to us all.