UFC 82 Results

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC as we know it. It's a bloody battle between men in the Octagon. It's the Championship between Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. Now who won the Championship?

The scoreboard says that Henderson was leading, much to Silva's disadvantage, but it was Silva who won the match. How, you ask? because he trapped Henderson in a choke so forceful that Henderson had no other choice bu to tap out. Isn't that a bummer? Henderson leading and yet losing.

How it happened...

The beginning of the fight totally sucked, since they weren't doing anything. Henderson attacked first, then Silva retaliates with kicks. Henderson was totally offensive in the first round and won it 10-9. In the second round, Silva connected first with a hard kick. Henderson tries to do a takedown but Silva got on top. There was an exchange of punches, and a knee by Silva. More trading of punches. Henderson falls and scored with an elbow and gives body blows while on top. Henderson tries to do an elbow block, but Silva throws punches to the side of Henderson's head. Henderson spins around and Silva throws more elbows. Henderson got more punches and elbows to the side of the head. Silva then goes for a choke while time was running out, putting Henderson in more trouble and gets Henderson to tap out in 4:52 of round two.

Anderson Silva remains the Champion.


ceblogger said...

i haven't seen the latest of the UFC fights. But i remember full well the fights of royce gracie. He is so good despite the size disadvantage. And there was no weight categories at that time.