David Hernandez - Former Stripper

This year's batch has a lot of secrets, apparently. First there was Carly Hennessy/Smithson's being a recording artist already, then Kristy Lee Cook's album still on iTunes. Now it's David Hernandez. Point is, American Idol is supposedly a talent show for the undiscovered, and well, with all the vocally-gifted contestants, most of this year's batch isn't quite undiscovered. But this entry's not about that. There's an ongoing buzz about David Hernandez being gay, but it hasn't been proven yet. But it is true that he did work at a strip club in Arizona, called Dick's Cabaret, and appeared fully nude and did lap dances for the "mostly male" clientele.

Well, I don't know how that makes him gay. For all we know he just wanted to work like the rest of us. But that's none of my business now. According to the manager, Hernandez worked there for three years straight until September 30, 2007. And this was because he never renewed his licensing.

VoteForTheWorst.com sure got a lot of buzz with this whole shebang last week and has been getting a lot of letters confirming that David Hernandez was indeed a former stripper. It was just all rumors, but since Associated Press confirmed the news, I guess it can't be called a rumor anymore. I wonder how this entire thing's going to affect his standings on the show. And well, this last photo was taken from his Photobucket, which he so graciously left public for everyone to see.


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