Monetizing Wordpress

All right, so this blog is waaay overdue in the "Monetizing Your Blog" series. Let me make things clear first. It is absolutely forbidden to make money off your free Wordpress blog. Wordpress has been shutting down blogs that have paid content in them.

In a free Wordpress blog, you can't put ads on it, or put any form of paid content on it. So how do you monetize it even if it's still free-hosted?

The only way to do it is to be sneaky about it, make sure that any paid content you put on it isn't obvious. If you want to be sneaky, that's your business. Wordpress users can be reported for having paid content, so you better be careful if you decide on using your free blog for paid posts.

But really, Wordpress blogs are really good if you want to do paid posts. It might be tough starting out on a Wordpress blog, with all the plugins that you have to install just to get your blog the way you want it to be. If you want to know how Wordpress blogs work, sign up for a free Wordpress blog account, familiarize yourself with all the features, and make sure that you have enough basic PHP and HTML knowledge to pull off effective blogging.

Actually, all you need to know is how to type and have some flow of ideas. But having even a little web knowledge would make things faster and would make it easier for you to make your blog even better than it already is.

So the only way to monetize your Wordpress blog without being sneaky is to get yourself a domain name, and a reliable web host. I sense this post going somewhere again. Looks like I found my next post topic.

Anyway, speaking from experience, Wordpress is the best blogging platform based on its features and the available plugins that are also available. Wordpress has a ton of templates to choose from and if you have enough web knowledge, you can make your own theme and be unique.

Next on the "Monetizing Your Blog" series: getting your own domain name and web hosting.