Domain Names

What are domain names? If I put here the technical terms associated with it, it might just confuse the readers. The best way to define domain names is to show you what they are. Below are just some examples:

If you look at the address bar above, the URL to this blog is The domain name is This blog is actually owned by the owners of Blogger. This blog is just one of the many subdomains of Blogger.

In picking a domain, make sure your domain name is very easy to remember. The shorter, the better, actually. The subdomain I picked for this blog is thisiswhereichill. This blog wasn't meant for anything else except me, well, chilling.

Anyway, there are a lot of domain name hosts that you can register your domains with. Domain names are as low as $6.95 and as much as $49.99. The following are just some domain name registrars:


I'm not gonna go in-depth with domain name registration, because it's boring stuff. Really. If you do decide to get yourself your own domain name, check if the domain is still available with any of the registrars. If it is, then there's nothing to stop you from registering it. Except maybe not having a credit card.

More about credit cards later on. In choosing the right domain registrar for you, make sure you read through the terms and conditions, and there's no better way to tell what the customers are saying than reading reviews about the registrar and asking around in community forums.