Back to School Time

Now that I'm finally done with school, I shouldn't feel the pressure of going back to school. But as I walked around town yesterday, I noticed that everyone's been fussing over how many notebooks to buy, what kinds of pens they should get, and even contemplating whether or not they should get a new bag.

I remember when my mom and dad would take me school supply shopping. I hardly ever got what I wanted. Being a kid, I wanted to get the pretty stuff, but my dad would choose my school stuff for me. Notebooks during those years cost about PhP 4.50. The notebooks that I use now cost at least PhP 10.50, and that's if they're on sale.

The supplies may cost more, but everyone still need to get them before going back to school. Having new tools, more often than not, inspire students to use them more, makes them eager to gain new knowledge through these tools, thus preparing them for the world that they will be undertaking.

I can only hope that the students will really put the new supplies to good use. There are plenty of underprivileged children who would want to even just own a pen and a piece of paper.