Eccentricity Over the Net

And just when I thought there could possibly no one else who's crazier than moi, I come across PC's are on the interweb now?. It seems that the ones moderating this blog like wasting away. But then again, what self-proclaiming insane tech doesn't? :)

What I love about this site though is the "super sexy" layout. *Chuckles* These guys are funny, if you really read what they're writing. I'm positive I've seen a layout similar to it. It was a Wordpress layout. This site probably had that layout first then the mods just tweak the CSS to get it the way they wanted it. Kudos to those guys. They did an excellent job at it.

I enjoyed reading Billztard and the epic apache problem, it was about one of the authors trying to get into the World of Warcraft website so that he can pay for his game subscription, but unfortunately, there was a server problem on the end of Blizzard, so he calls up tech support, and well, it was a funny call. He might've been pretty p*ssed when he called, but the tech just proved himself to be umm...idiotic. Read up on the post and you'll see what I mean.


St-evo said...

I must admit your prolly the only person to get the whole jist on the site. Most people think its a serious site dedicated to bringing good news to people...

How little they know :)

Wilhelmina said...

So true, tech geeks are the funniest people on Earth, most people don't know that either. :P