Better than Smartbro?

Okay, so I have had just about enough of my internet service provider, Smartbro. I mean, up until June, it has been a pretty good ISP. I never had any problems connecting to the Internet, I couldn't even consider it as being slow. I was under the two-year lock-in period. But as soon as I got out of it, the Internet just suddenly started acting up and well, I was struck with intermittent connectivity. I don't think that just because I got out of the lock-in period, the service would start being sucky.

My internet would just come in and out. I was actually planning on upgrading my speed, but unfortunately, that would mean me leaving Smartbro and I would have to go with PLDT, Globe or Bayantel. Bayantel for me is still super expensive. And well, the raving complaints about PLDT and Globe's service is really disheartening.

Now, would I still wanna change from Smartbro to PLDT or Globe? If you are in the Labangon area, could you tell me how your Internet is doing?


Miss Jas said...

I actually think smartbro is good.
I'm using prepaid. If you're in Cebu, connection is fine. I tried it in Bohol,it took me more than 30mins just to open my eff'in mail!

Anyways, the only thing about it is that, they charge you in a fraction of 30mins (Php10). Maglagot lang ko usahay esp rainy days kay dili ko ka browse pero charge japon kay nakaconnect man ka.

harvey said...

im in labangon, im using pldt right now and never had any problems