Get the Victory Hair

This might sound totally weird to you, but it seems that having the messy hair is the "in" thing nowadays. Why? Because for some people, when their hair is messy, it gives the impression that they have done something "freaky"--if you get my drift. *Wink*

The Extreme Style by VO5 is basically having its Ultimate Flirting Championship, where you basically create an avatar on the site and flirt till you drop. You win the championship if you get the Victory Hair.

Try this widget out for free and see how you like it.

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So, what do you think? I for one thought it was a fun little game, so I hope that you enjoy it too. While playing the game, there is a little at the top while waiting for other players to come. When playing the game, there should be about three of you. Within the game, the little screen on top of your head talks about how to flirt effectively.

Ultimate Flirting Championship really is a championship only this time, it's a championship between avatars and you only get to finish the game when you have the Victory Hair.

Now what would be a good strategy to have Victory Hair? The number one rule getting the Victory Hair, is to of course, flirt as much as you can. You would be provided with flirt bubbles that tell you on what to do and how to flirt the right way. There's also a way where you can act as the judge instead. If you are confused about the entire thing, don't be, you can forget all about your doubts once you tried it, so go ahead and try it.

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