Paid Surveys

Ahh, as you can see, my last post is totally composed of dNeero surveys. Do they or do they not work? Who knows? I like taking surveys and posting them on MySpace, actually. But lately, I haven't done that kind of thing. A lot of people don't think that paid surveys are good enough, but then again, I can't say yes or no to this kind of thing, because I haven't tried it. I don't even know if I'm gonna get scammed over this also. But I guess we'll see soon enough. Let's see how these surveys are going to get impressions. The only reason why I'm posting these things on my blog is because I'm not paying to get something out of it. So I figured that if I didn't have to pay and just spend a couple of minutes on surveys, it's fine, right? If I'm wrong, please prove me wrong. I apparently need the enlightenment.

And since the blog title's "Paid Surveys". A person should be able to tell if it's a scam or not, right? You're supposed to be getting paid and not the other way around. Before everybody starts doing surveys for a living, everybody should go and do a little research on the certain survey site that they are involved with. As long as i don't lose anything but time, then I'm okay with it.