Billy Joel - The Piano Man

William Joseph Martin "Billy" Joel is an American singer-songwriter. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, he is the sixth best-selling recoding artist in the United States.

Wow, if he's so popular, how come I never heard of him? Well, I'm apparently out of the loop since Google Trends has listed the search on his as "Volcanic" hotness. Now that's hot. Ok, so maybe I've never heard of his name or maybe I just really didn't mind about the artist's name every time I'd listen to a song. So I might have loved his songs when I was still a little baby and has completely forgotten about it already.

After Googling for some of his music, I finally found a very familiar tune. And yes, I am confirming that my presumption is indeed correct. I have loved some of his songs, I just didn't know him. He sang, "Honesty", and well, truthfully, even if I was still a baby when I first heard that song, I still remember the words. Now I'm feeling so nostalgic. I'm actually listening to "Honesty" right now.

Is such a lonely word
Where everyone is so untrue
Is hardly ever heard..."

Ok, so now I'm a fan. Haha. Just this morning in the US, tickets go on sale for his final concert at Shea Stadium on July 16th this year. The tickets are priced at $52.50 and $98 and has been on sale for approximately 2 hours already. If you're a fan and would like to go, you may call (718) 507-TIXX or visit