Living Longer

I just read an article in the Reader's Digest magazine about how to live longer, or upgrading yourself. I must admit the stuff that they put on that magazine's very simple. Everybody can do it, but why doesn't everybody do it? I will be enumerating their suggestions, but I will also be saying about these suggestions.

1. Eat a lot less. Wow, wouldn't we all want to do that? Hmmm, a person's stomach is just the size of his fist. That should be just the right amount for a person to eat. It makes sense that one person shouldn't eat too much. Eating too much and too carelessly can cause certain diseases. It might not show up right away, but it can get you into really bad trouble overtime, so yeah, everybody should eat a lot less.

2. Make friends, get married and adopt a dog. Hmmm, I can say that I have a lot of friends, but I'm not married---yet. And I don't have a dog---yet. Some might go and say, "I'm never gonna get married. It's just gonna shorten my life, and I might just go through divorce...". True, it can happen to you, but studies show according to RD that getting married can add seven years to a man's life and three to a woman. But I'm assuming that's if your marriage is a good thing for you. And what about pets? Well, some pets are just nice to have, they comfort you, and they can lower your blood pressure and help reduce stress.

3. Get moving. Ahhh, we would love to, but a lot of the population of the Earth hate exercising. Everybody knows that healthy living is the way to go, but well, a lot of people just don't want to exercise, until they get into their 60's, then they'll start exercising. It's a fact that old people exercise more than the young people, because they understand the importance of healthy living more. Now, are you sure you want to wait till you're that old to start exercising? Or until you first experience your first heart attack?

4. Reach for red. This refers to red wine. An ingredient in red wine called Resveratrol seems to have very powerful anti-aging effects. It's too bad that people who don't drink can't have it, but they shouldn't be sad, because a pill is under development with it as the main ingredient. So I guess I'm just gonna wait till the pill's out.

Well, I'm all for living longer. What about you?