Eating for Pleasure

If you asked somebody how his meal was today, that person would probably say that it was alright, and would not give any details about it. Thing is, if you are somebody who is on a tight budget, you probably wouldn't even care as long as you got to eat.

When I was still a struggling student, I would have noodles for dinner, and would take my time in eating them. Although it was a pretty cheap supper, only PhP 4.50, I had some rice with it to make even more filling and at least last me until breakfast.

A former room mate of mine commented, "Every time I see you eating, I'm jealous. It's like you're eating something really good even though it's just cheap food."

I smiled at her comment. Then my X then called and heard me slurping the noodle soup. He asks, "What are you having?"

"Instant noodles. I couldn't afford to eat out tonight."

"You sound like you're having a great time eating it. I'm kinda jealous."

Now how funny is that that two people who doesn't even know each other would comment on the same thing with the same comment? Anyway, what I'm talking about is, no matter what it is you are having, the important thing is to take your time in eating it and enjoying it. Meal time is meal time. You have to set a schedule to sit down and eat, no matter what.

My friends complain that I take too long to eat. Actually I make it a point to not finish until I break past the 10-minute rule. Ten to twenty minutes is how long it takes to make your body be satisfied with what you have eaten. If you eat faster than that, after your body digests the food you have eaten after an hour, you're gonna end up even hungrier than before.

It doesn't matter if I'm busy or if I have something to do, if it's meal time for me, then nothing else should come in its way. Besides, eating on time and eating right is always good for your health. Having the right schedule and eating the right amount of food has always benefited me with the right weight and well, it has never let me down.

So you should adapt a healthy lifestyle as well. Just don't adapt my bad habit of not getting to sleep.