The NOT So Talented Mr. Montano?

The NOT so talented Mr. Montano? It seems that Mr. Brian Gorrell had changed his blog's title. This one is much much more appropriate. I wouldn't imagine calling my ex "talented". He'd be too flattered. I'll admit, he was talented in some things, but not in anything good. Well, not in anything good for the human soul, at least.

Look at the transition:

From this,

To this,

Anyway, Mr. Gorrell seems happier now. Not that he has money back, but because of the onslaught of support coming from all over the world through his blog. According to him, he has been receiving reports about the whereabouts of his ex-lover from special people and even one of Mr. Montano's relatives.

People, don't think I'd wanna hear anything about my ex anymore. I've already told everybody to stop asking me about how he is. I don't know and frankly, I don't give a flying ****. Mr. Gorrell's and my situation may be similar, but I chose to just forget about him since it wasn't USD$70,000 and I do not have HIV, so I don't need the money. I was just happy he was GONE, GONE, GONE.

All the juicy stuff about bringing Manila's High Society down has been very well---juicy. Everyone wants to know what Brian can unravel for the readers more. I know I totally enjoy reading his posts, even if he does have some occasional spelling errors. I like watching him petting his dogs, they really are adorable. They don't look like super pretty dogs, but they are very pretty. It's the loving that makes them pretty.

For some, the blog coming out is a bad thing. For others, it's an eye opener. I didn't even know that we had people like that living in the Philippines amidst all the Philippine poverty. Right now, I'm not only wishing Mr. Gorrell good luck on his quest, but I am also wishing all Filipinos the best, except for a few people here and there. But don't worry I certainly don't wish them ill.