Monetizing Your Site

How exactly do you earn via the Internet, aside from your numerous businesses in real life, etc, etc, etc?

Well, if you spend more than a couple of hours on the Internet, doing nothing but trolling the Web for the latest gossip on Britney, why not make good use of that wasted time and earn while at it, right?

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thought of this, and I'm probably 10 years too late at this, but there are still more people out there who don't know how to monetize their time on the Internet. And no, I won't be asking you for money for this information. But if you really insist, who am I to say no? :P

Anyway, what you need to have before you can actually start monetizing your time are the following:

1. A site

It doesn't matter what kind of website it is, but unless you're planning to just make money from ads, get a site that will generate a lot of traffic. You guys figure out what kind of site that is. It all depends on your ideas. But if you like to write/blog like me, then get a blog.

I'll talk more about blogs on the next entry.

2. An actual address

Yes, seriously. You have to have proof that you live where you say you live. I'll talk more about that later too.

3. A credit card

For Paypal. It can be a debit card or an ATM card too. But if you are a student and in the Philippines, get the Unionbank EON Card. More on that next time as well.