First Step to Site Monetization

If you want to go with the "trend" of earning online, then there's plenty of us doing that right now. It's just a matter of how you are going to pull it off so you can generate the most income out of your time on the Web. I mentioned previously in another entry that you would need a site to start off. A blog is actually the easiest site to start because of the following factors:

1. Blogs can be started free-hosted
2. All you need to know is how to write
3. Templates are always available anywhere on the Web for free

To start off, get yourself a blog. There are a number of free-hosted blogs out on the Web right now. The top two free-hosted blogs right now are

1. Wordpress
2. Blogger

Errr, they aren't exactly the only free-hosted blogs on the Web. There's also MySpace, Friendster and Xanga. But I'm gonna focus on the two mentioned above, because I got better experience with these two than the other blogs. I have a MySpace and Friendster blog, but I prefer standalone blogs than social networking blogs. By the way, if you want a free Typepad blog, you can get one by having a Friendster account. Friendster blogs uses the Typepad platform. Typepad is powerful, but costs too much money for a cheapskate like me.

Moving on...


You can sign up to test this platform at It's very easy to use if you have basic knowledge about pressing buttons and such and they have like a gazillion templates available for you to choose from. Wordpress also has a ton of plugins where you can activate and use to your heart's content. But Wordpress has been shutting down free blogs that have paid content in them recently, so that means you can't monetize your blog via ads. At first, Wordpress blogs are just not user-friendly. There's too many buttons and plugins to look at. You'll get used to it eventually. Your URL will look like this:


It's Google's personal blogging platform. This blog that you are reading on is actually running on it, only it has a Wordpress theme. Blogger is very user-friendly and the best part about this platform is that you can display ads on your blog right away and start monetizing by putting Adsense on your blog. All you need to do is have a Gmail account for all things Google. With a Gmail account, you can use it to log in to your Adsense account, Analytics, Blogger, basically everything Google. Your URL will look like:

Mind you though, I have earned some cash through this free-hosted blog, but I advise you to get yourself your own domain. More on that later on. The next step will be on the next entry as I talk about how to monetize even your free-hosted Wordpress blog.


ceblogger said...

if the goal is monetization, it's better to start in blogger and do all the possible experimentations. monetization is not allowed in the free version of wordpress.

it would also be better to have multiple blogs, that is if you can keep up with the regular updating.

faeryrowan said...

Awesome! Excited to learn more. Thank God for unselfish folks like you. =)