Money Making Schemes

I feel so poor. I checked out my wallet and couldn't find any money in there. Arghhh! What to do, what to do... I go to my little cabinet to see if i hid some money there and found my coin bank. I love coin banks, the money that I put in there serves as emergency money just in case I do run out of some. I jiggle it.

*Clink clink*

Ahhh, that made me feel so much better. Then I check out my G-cash balance to see if I still have anything on there too, then maybe I can go to the Wireless Center to withdraw the money.

"You have 3**** in your account, blah, blah, blah..."

Feeling secured now, I rest back on my chair and stare at my computer. As I read through a local forum that I frequent, I noticed that a number of people are interested in posting blogs to make money. Money. Who doesn't want any anymore? In my current situation, I could really use some. This entry's title says, Money Making Schemes.

How do you make money nowadays? Working tops the list, of course. I don't think anything else can ever top it. The question is, what kind of work can you do? In my opinion, one should do what he is best suited for. If you love computers, then be involved with computers. If you love the Internet, then work by being a Webmaster and such. If you're a Blogger, then blog and blog and blog. All you gotta do is put some ads on your blog, hope that someone comes across your site and if you're that lucky, click on the ad.

Who am I kidding? I don't know anything about money-making. But at least I try. I try to learn more about it. And honestly, it seems like I'm about to get lucky.