The Richness

I love The Richness. Because of that small group of people, I got some exposure and became a webmaster. Well, I try to be a good one at least. So what do I do with those people and who are The Richness people?

The Richness is a fan club for American Idol Season 6's Chris Richardson. He's a hottie. Period. Haha. Anyways, I'm an administrator at their message boards and I'm seriously there everyday for at least a few hours. I like being there. I call that place a happy place, because it is. I made a lot of friends on that site and amazingly enough, we've been friends for almost a year now.

Check this place out if you're looking for the latest info on Chris Richardson and if you're interested in making more friends.

The Richness Forums

Let's see, what else do I do there? I serve as a Tech, I may not be as good as many Techs out there, but I'm pretty decent. And I love helping those peeps out. Whenever you get the urge to be less lonely, just check it out.


Anonymous said...

Love "The Richness"!!! I visit everyday.