The Frustrations of Being Unemployed

Ever got the feeling that you're supposed to be doing something really important, but you're not? Like you want to go out and make money, but you can't because you're so intent on finishing school first, then you can start making money?

Ok, so what in the world am I talking about here? Why can't I just go find a part-time job then? Hah, I wish! In the Philippines, you never have time, unless you quit school for a little while and work. The disadvantage to this is you might enjoy working so much, you wouldn't wanna go back to school anymore. Sad to say, the only part-time job I can do is a work at home kind of job.

And, guess what? I have a part-time job that does exactly that! Haha! I write short articles at $? per 500 words. They're pretty much about everything, from cruises, to clocks, to diets. I'm pretty sure the guy that pays me is making a lot more than I am, but eh, at least I'm getting paid. The actual rate is at $10 per 500 words. Some might say that I'm getting ripped-off, but whatever.

Anyway, so since I started writing, the guy hasn't had any problems with me, and have been paying me when he's supposed to pay. I know I might have to quit sometime and start my own stuff, and there's no harm in doing freelance writing, right? I would so love to offer my services here, but I can't just yet. Well, not to foreign nationals at least. It would be too much of a hassle to pay me. I don't even have Paypal. Tch. I do, but I can't verify it without a credit card. I need to know how to use it first. If any of you can tell me how, feel free to comment. :)

Now unless you're in the Philippines, you can email me at wsarawi[at], and let's talk business.


rodel said...

nice one..hahahhaa.. hey, i can copy this article and place this one on one of my blogs i.e. careerclub?..

don't worry about the credits..ill be glad to link with you on that..